Life lessons you can learn from Mar Roxas, the Travel Blogger


A few days ago, Former DILG Sec. Manuel “Mar” Araneta Roxas II decided to go on a roadtrip. In his blog post Roxas said that this trip is for all who “have spent countless hours during the campaign helping me. It’s my turn to spend time thanking you.”

Now here are the life lessons you can learn from Mar Roxas, the travel blogger.

  1. Don’t give up. Nobody has it all figured out.

Everyone has problems but others just put on a brave face. He may have lost the elections but Mar took the courage to make this road trip to spend time and show everyone how much he appreciates those who supported him. He was able to pair up his GoPro with his iPhone, if he gave up, then we wouldn’t have seen the awesome pictures he took. #lifeskill

  1. Take your time and appreciate nature.

Take it easy and go slowly. Enjoy every bite of food, walk at a slow pace and take in your surroundings, let the other person finish their side of the conversation while you listen attentively, and stop in the middle of your day, close your eyes or look at nature and become aware of your breathing. The best part of his blog are the pictures of his trip. In one of his post, he compared a local scenery to a scene in “Sleepless in Seattle”. Well, being a romantic is definitely appealing to women. #love

  1. Theres always room for beer and a fashion make-over.

In one of his entries, he said, “We had dinner at Auntie Lola’s and a nightcap in a Japanese resto called “Daisuki Na An” (Favorite Taste) Food Corner. This was Day 1 for us! More updates from Oriental Mindoro to come! P.S. Nung kampanya di kami makainom ni Gov Umali. Ngayon puwede na ang beer!“ #nufsaid

13458732_10153819986014353_705632471553033430_o 13458560_10153825557859353_1238343735376761150_o

Before                                                                      After

“To the commenter who said change my baggy lolo pants, I listened to you. Hahaha” -Mar

  1. Living a happy and good life is the best way to convice people.

Mar has shown everyone that moving on from a heartbreak is easy when your friends and family got your back. Keep yourself busy, take a break with the fambam, go camping, diving or like Mar on a road trip. So, enough arguing. Just live by example and soon enough you’ll have people on your side when they see how passionate you are. There’s no need to “convince” them. Just show them that you are there, tell them why and they will start to realise that maybe you aren’t that crazy after all. #lifegoals

  1. Loyalty and selfies.


In his latest blog post where he visited Iloilo City, Mar said,” If service means posing for selfies in the selfie country of the world, kaya ko to. Kodakan na!

If service means standing against issues that I oppose, know that I’ll always be here. Beside you. In front of you. With you. Palangga ko guid kamo tanan.”

Well, we love you too.

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