Titas of Davao by XUBI Hernandez: Episode 2: SOFIA and LAURA

Sofia: OMG, Laura. Mainit ang ulo ko… sobrang slow ng tindera so I ended up not buying anything na lang.

Laura: Like what do you expect. Like nobody gets us.

Sofia: Sooooo, anyway how’s my inaanak? I heard absent siya sa school kasi he has fever.

Laura: Oh yes. He missed out their lesson in Hekasi about the Japanese Era here in the Philippines so i booked a flight papunta Japan this weekend for him to get to know them more para di ma flunk si Joaquin sa exam.

Sofia: Oh that’s really nice… kasi like before my daughter Alice also had to be absent to attend a ballet convention sa Russia and she missed out this volleyball lesson in school so I paid the entire Ateneo de Manila volleyball team to be here in the house to teach her the basics. It was stressful but anything for my little Alice.

Laura: You’re such a good mom.

Sofia: I know. Anyway, will have to call you later, I misplaced my Hummer somewhere sa sala, I have to tell my Yaya to look for it. Bye.

Laura:Ok, goodluck. Bye

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