MINESWEEPER (Part1) : Discovering Buruanga


MINESWEEPER. Have you ever tried playing this game? This is the closest thing I could best describe the way back.

After realizing that we really need to walk, I looked up and noticed how great the sky looks like when its completely dark. The moon was watching over us and the night sky is completely filled with stars. Living in the City, it’s probably an impossibility now a days to have a glimpse of something like this, unless theres a total blackout.lol.

The guys started to make torches, since most of our phones are completely dead because of the hundreds of selfies we took earlier that day. We started trecking through a mountain. It was completely safe because there was already a trail. After that, we  had to walk through the waters to reach our destination.

In the water, it was too dark to see everything else because it was full of seaweed. Then suddenly, we heard someone scream, “ouch!” We all stopped to ask, what happened? We stopped and checked her foot and we saw tiny black marks, then someone said, “may tayong!!!”

What the heck is a “tayong???”

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