A little piece of Heaven on Earth : Discovering Buruanga

Part V

A little piece of Heaven on Earth. I immediately went to the beach and sun bathed. It was just like a little piece of  heaven on earth. It was so serene.


While I was enjoying the sun, Hanzel was preparing an early dinner for us, he grilled some meat, sliced some watermelon and mangoes. I felt like the luckiest girl on earth. The ambience was perfect and so is the food, Hanzel is a great cook, he can whip the simplest pasta and make it into mouth watering meal.

We chilled, took more selfies while we were exchanging anecdotes. Then took a quick dip, I noticed that there were a lot of rocks in the water. I don’t know how to swim, so I managed to just stay near the shore. The sun was starting to set, so I went back to the cottage to take pictures of this wonderful sight.

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It was getting dark and I asked  Hanzel if we should start cleaning up and head out. All of our phones are lowbat by that time and not one of us brought a flashlight.  Luckily, the caretaker of the cottage offered her flashlight for us to borrow.

I asked again, “Should we head out? How far is it?”

Hanzel replied, “ Well, the treck going back will take us for about an hour or two. We will pass through a mountain and walk on the beach where the boat that brought us here passed.”

“EXCUSE ME??!!, mountain, beach, treck? What is he talking about?,” the cold breeze suddenly made me feel much more colder. The adventure has just begun.

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