Are you ready for this Jelly?



Have you been keeping up with your Instagram news feed lately? Then you probably came across those glass-encased rose from Beauty and the Beast, the lipstick of your dreams, which it’s taking Instagram by storm.

The brand behind these revolutionary lippies is called Kailijumei, a makeup distribution company based in China. The label is responsible for coming out with these super innovative lipsticks that not only look beautiful, but also have sort of a magic quality. The lipsticks are essentially clear, but are infused with things like colorful flowers and tiny gold flakes. Once applied, the glossy moisturizing formula actually changes color based on your body’s temperature, so they are sort of like today’s version of those ’90s mood rings. Pinch me now!

Like me, you’re probably dying to get a piece of this floral-infused action. You must be wondering where you can buy this pretty little lipstick? Sadly, the brand has sold out of their current stockdue to the high demand. The good news, though, is that the lipsticks are already available again for pre-order on the retailer’s site.

If you can’t wait for pre-order, you can start bidding on E-bay right now!


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