The Race


Before the Race for the 2016 Guimaras Marathon 2nd Edition

Things to remember during the RACE:

1) Race starts exactly at 5:30AM
2) Mandatory gear must be carried: hydration belt/ bottle,blinker, headlamp, and reflectorized vest.
3) Runners should always stay on the far left side facing the incoming traffic. THE COURSE IS NOT CLOSE TO OTHER VEHICLES. The race route is an open road, and vehicle traffic flow cannot be anticipated. Hence, runners should exercise caution at all the times for safety reasons. If deemed necessary, a runner may switch to the right side of the road for his/her safety. Once the runner is secure, he/she must immediately return to the left side of the road. ALL SUPPORT VEHICLES ARE STRICTLY DIRECTED TO STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD.
4) Runners must run on single file FOR SAFETY purposes.
5) Only registered support vehicles will be allowed. Windows of the vehicles should be down during the race.
6) Maintain a safe lateral distance of 2km between your vehicle and runners at all times, and between your vehicle and other team vehicles.
7) Participants without support vehicles may deposit their respective bags on the designated baggage counter. Refrain from putting valuables on your baggages. The Organizer will not be liable for any loss or damage on the belongings.
8) Participants should NOT ride any of the support vehicle. If caught having done so, it will automatically disqualify the concerned runner.
9) Participants should be well trained and fit to qualify for this race event.
10) Follow all the rules and regulations to avoid disqualification.


With the members of the Philippine Coastguard

A lot of students participated in the 5K category. I met a group of 5 young men who are also first cousins and this is going to be the first time for all of them to compete and join in a 5K category.

For the 21K, participants were from Cebu, Luzon and the Philippine Coastguard  and me. Yes, I am competing for the 21K category for the first time (it’s not a joke,he he). Briefly before the race started I’ve met a few runners in my category and all of them (I’m not surprised) have been running for quite some time now. I am both honored, excited and afraid.

Let the race, BEGIN!!!

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