2 jeepneys, a pedicab and a boat

Waking up at 3am is the beginning of my race, who am I kidding. I was not able to sleep. The excitement of being a part of this event is driving me crazy. The Guimaras Marathon 2 Edition facebook page informed all the partcipants that someone will be at the Ortiz Wharf to assist us at 4am boat departure will be at 4:15am.

From Abilay Norte, Oton, I need to take a San Miguel jeepney  to Jaro (Php12.00), from Jaro, take a Jaro CPU jeepney (Php 7.00) that goes straight to Plaza Libertad then take a tri-sikad/pedicab (Php8.00) to Ortiz Wharf the boat will then bring us to Jordan Guimaras for the  2016 Guimaras Marathon 2 Edition.

For those who are planning to take a trip to Guimaras island here are some information taken from the Guimaras Tourism website. There are three (3) entry points to the island:

Jordan Wharf (Brgy. Rizal) – From Ortiz Wharf, Iloilo City

– Daily Trips: From 4:00 AM – 8:00 PM (every 15-30 minutes)
– Travel Time: 15 -20 minutes
– Regular Fare: Php15.00/pax
– Chartered Trip: Php450 – 570/trip

Jordan Port San Jose / Ro-Ro Wharf (Brgy. Hoskyn) – From Lapuz, Iloilo City

– Chartered Pumpboat can dock but will be charged a Terminal Fee of Php 25/pumpboat
– Chartered Vans and Jeepneys can fetch guests at RO – RO wharf but will pay the Terminal Fee of Php 10/vehicle

MacArthur’s Wharf (Sto. Rosario, Buenavista) – From Parola, Iloilo City

– Daily Trips: From 5:30 AM – 9:00 PM (every 15-30 minutes)
– Travel Time: 15-20 minutes
– Regular Fare: Php15.00/pax
– Chartered Trip: Php470 – 520/trip

Here are some interesting facts. Have you ever wondered why the town was named “Jordan”?

The name of the town used to be Nagaba but was changed in 1902 to Jordan. The name Jordán, is the Spanish name for the Jordan River, it was chosen by the residents in honor of John the Baptist, their patron saint. According to local folklore, he saved the inhabitants from slaughter during the Moro raid in the Spanish era.

It was still dark and cold outside. There were atleast four people who was waiting for us at wharf, they introduced themselves but I was too tired to comprehend what they were saying. As I was standing at the wharf waiting for our boat to arrive, I felt like I’m in an episode of the “walking dead.” Without the right amount of sleep, I started to feel hungry.

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