Not your ordinary makeup tutorial indeed!

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A lot of women can definitely relate to this video. Being late and having to put on make up on the way to work or school and trying to beat the heat and the traffic all at the same time is a nightmare. Ladies and all other gender, the struggle is real.

But this pretty Iska is going to show us how to do it while riding a Jeepney and on top of a moving Tricycle.

Their first video, which is mostly in Hiligaynon, titled „Kabalan sa Salakyan“ A useful makeup tutorial sa tawo nga late na pero mapagwapa gyapon, starring Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio created by Range Advertising, an Ad Agency in the UP Visayas, garnered more than 4.2M views, 100k likes and 50,288 shares.

„Kabalan“ is a word that usually describes a person who is both mentally, emotionally and physically strong in facing difficulties, while “Salakyan” is a vehicle.

After trending on social media, Range Advertising created a follow up video titled Kabalan sa Salakyan 2 “Pak Na Pak Sa Trayk”. Not your ordinary makeup tutorial. Created and starred by #teamrange Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio,creative director, edited by Niña Palmares Palaguayan and Vernon Albaladejo, account planner.

To date, 3 days after #teamrange posted the video on facebook, it has gained more than 2.4M views, 83K likes and 38K shares and was already featured by CNN Philippines and Cosmo Magazine.

Well one thing is for sure, the success of the video just confirmed the truth in the saying, „ACADS is life, but KILAY is lifer.“

Photo/Videos: Range Ad., UPV


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