Filipinos in Germany and How to cope with covid-19

Coronavirus has affected not only in Germany but the entire world.

So, we asked a few Filipinos in Germany, on how they are coping with the Community Quarantine.

How are you coping up with the Community Quarantine?

Shayne Ann Marquez – Mainz

Well, being in a community quarantine for a month now means intensive family time! So I had to think about how I can keep my two energetic kids (kids are 3 & 5) entertained and motivated. I was a kindergarten teacher before, so without going out i organize fun things with the kids. Our daily routine? After breakfast, kids will play while i do housechores. Right after, besides homeschooling, we play board games, do role plays, create experiments, do arts and crafts, bake, plant seeds, indoor sports activities or just watch TV and be lazy. We also talk a lot about Covid-19 to process what they have seen and heard from the news. But I enjoy the most is when we sing lots of Karaoke and learn new songs together. Nap time and finally bedtime.Our precious family moment is when my husband is at home. We’d walk to the forest and let the kids explore nature. My husband and I can both relax by enjoying the silence and the freedom of nature. I re-gain my energy for the next coming days. All in all the quarantine time is not that bad. We appreciate what we have now and more thankful to go back to our normal life.

Dean Icalinna - Frankfurt

Maintaining a positive outlook and giving hope to others amidst the crisis is what I can recommend. We should be mentally and physically fit to cope up with the quarantine. In times like this, working from home, we tend to lose track of time. Give yourself a fixed break, don’t overwork yourself. Balanced diet and exercise should be done, include it in your schedule. Your mind needs to have a healthy body to be able to perform. A message to a friend, family or a co-worker could mean a lot, be a beacon of positivity, we all need one.

Amor Lim Villacuatro - Dusseldorf

As a housewife, community quarantine is like a daily norm now, e.g. cleaning the house way better due to the scare of having viruses for my family would be so easy. Doing creative cooking without risking the nutrients needed by my love ones. Taking care of my husband while he is doing home office and my daughter missing her KiTa life. Also now, i spend extra effort of disinfecting ourselves in coming in and out whenever each of us try to get the sun light or fresh air during this quarantine Season.

Jessica Gross – Butzbach

For the community quarantine? I dont think it is a community quarantine because my husband still works regularly and i can still go out. Anyway, I’m accepting those safety measures.. I don’t see it as a Limitation of my rights. For the past month, I had go to the supermarket to pick up things for my family and for my in-laws. We take care of them because they are both old and has a higher risk of getting the virus. We advise them not to mingle with other people. Starting tomorrow (Monday) I have to work on line again. I am a teacher, but because of the pandemic we work at home through online teaching. So I’m online from 9 to 2 pm. I m not doing any sports. I’m a little bit lazy, I know. My life hasn’t changed that much. But I miss going out with my husband, and visiting friends!

Karen Pohlmann - Horn-Bad Meinberg

„Besides creating videos for my Vlog, I spend most of my time with my family, watching movies at home or tending with the chores to keep myself busy. Once a week, we would go out and appreciate nature. We would take long walks in the forest and enjoy springtime.“

Cathy Valdez – Kassel

“Well, of course for the sake of everyone, it is not only within my family and myself. I have to obey all the precautions on how to protect us against Coronavirus. I am a very athletic person and going to gym is one of my routine. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and work at least 40 hours a week. Besides that, I also have modelling gigs during my days off. So, to cope up with the quarantine, I make sure to be very productive. Honestly there are a lot of things to do since I have 145 sqm. Apartment. I needed to clean and organize. I have 2 growing kids that I need to feed constantly, so my kitchen is where I also spend most of the time. Exercising is also a must or else I get a headache. During my leisure time, I focus on my inner peace by reading books. Also as an apprentice, I still have also some homework to finish school requirements. I am taking the chance to reflect and learn a lot more things to make myself a better person. And last but not the least, I embrace the time of being with my kids 24/7, they are growing so fast. Being in quarantine is honestly a God’s opportunity for us to evaluate and ask ourselveswhat is the real purpose of the life we live and what do we want in our lives.“

Sarah Jane Ramos - Bonn

The quarantine time gives us an opportunity to focus more on essential things in life like family, ourselves and our health. I believe energy flows where the focus goes and if we decided to think positively and use this time to grow more instead to staying still while at home then maybe we have another worldview after this quarantine. We in Germany are lucky and we can still go out for fresh air in nature or even go to the supermarket for food.

Kat Homburg - Dusseldorf

„I’m still busy with my day to day work, so I didn’t feel that the quarantine made a lot of changes in my life. I don’t watch the news as often as I should be, to avoid stress. I just focus on my family and my daily chores in the house, such as going to the groceries to buy what we need.“

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