COVID-19 Update: RKI Information of International Risk Areas

Tonight, September 25, 2020, the RKI (Robert Koch Institut) has designated Tirol as an international risk area. It means, that if you travel to Tirol and return to Germany, you will have to do a mandatory COVID-19 test and self-quarantine for 14 days.

Information on the designation of international risk areas

Current at: 25 September 2020

Changes since last amendment:

Austria: the province Vorarlberg is considered as additional risk area.

Czech Republic: the complete country (without exceptions) is now considered as risk area.

Luxemburg: the complete country is considered as risk area.

The countries listed below are designated as currently presenting an increased risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2. In parentheses is indicated since when an area is classified a s a risk area.At the end of the page, there is a summary of countries, which have been classified as risk areas at any time during the last 14 days, but are currently NOT classified as risk areas.Persons entering the Federal Republic of Germany, who have spent time in a risk area at any specific period within 14 days prior to entry, are subject to a mandatory Covid-19 test (from 8 August 2020) and may be subject to quarantine under the specific quarantine ordinances issued by the competent federal state (Land).Please note: The Federal Government examines, on an ongoing basis, the extent to which areas are to be classified as risk areas. As a result, this list can be modified at short notice and, above all, may be extended. Directly before embarking on your journey, please check whether you have spent time in one of these areas in the last 14 days before entering Germany. Should this be the case, you must expect to be subject to mandatory testing and quarantine.The existing travel and safety advisories by the Federal Foreign Office as well as the Federal Government’s information for travellers and commuters ( still apply.

Afghanistan (since 15 June)

Albania (since 15 June)

Algeria (since 15 June)

Andorra – Principality of Andorra (since 26 August)

Angola (since 15 June)

Argentina ( since 15 June)

Armenia ( since 15 June)

Austria – the following provinces are classified as risk areas:

provinces Vienna (since 16 September)

province Vorarlberg (since 23 September)

province Tirol (since 25 September)

Azerbaijan (since 15 June)Bahamas (since 15 June)

Bahrain (since 15 June)

Bangladesh (since 15 June)

Belarus ( since 15 June)

Belgium – currently classified as risk areas:

Region Brussels (since 21 August)

Belize (since 15 June)

Benin (since 15 June)

Bhutan (since 15 June)

Bolivia (since 15 June)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (since 15 June)

Brazil ( since 15 June)

Bulgaria – the following provinces are currently classified as risk areas:

Blagoevgrad ( since 7 August)

Burkina Faso (since 15 June)

Burundi (since 15 June)

Cameroon (since 15 June)

Cape Verde (since 3 July)

Central African Republic ( since 15 June)

Chad (since 15 June)

Chile (since 15 June)

Colombia (since 15 June)

Comoros (since 15 June)

Costa Rica (since 15 June)

Côte d’Ivoire ( since 15 June)

Croatiathe following counties are classified as risk areas:

oBrodsko-Posavska (since 16 September)

oDubrovačko-neretvanska (since 9 September)

oLika-Senj (since 23 September)

oPožega-Slavonia (since 9 September)

oŠibensko-kninska (since 20 August)

oSplitsko-Dalmatinska (since 20 August)

oViroviticko-Podravska (since 16 September)

oZadar (since 2 September)

Czech Republiccomplete Czech Republic (since 25 September)

Denmark – the following regions are classified as risk areas

ocapital region Hovedstaden (since 23 September)

Dominican Republic (since 15 June)

DR Congo (since 15 June)

Ecuador (since 15 June)

Egypt (since 15 June)

El Salvador (since 15 June)

Equatorial Guinea (since 15 June)

Eritrea (since 15 June)

Eswatini (since 15 June)

Ethiopia (since 15 June)

France – following French Overseas Territory/regions are currently classified as risk areas:

oAuvergne-Rhone-Alpes (since 9 September)

oBretagne (since 23 September)

oCentre-Val de Loire (since 23 September)

oCorse (since 9 September)oHauts-de-France (since 16 September)

oÎle-de-France (since 24 August)

oNormandy (since 23 September)

oNouvelle-Aquitaine (since 9 September)

oOccitanie (since 9 September)

oProvence-Alpes-Côte dAzur (since 24 August)

oFrench Overseas Territory: French Guiana (since 21 August)

oFrench Overseas Territory: Guadeloupe (since 26 August)

oFrench Overseas Territory: St. Martin (since 26 August)

oFrench Overseas Territory: La Réunion (since 16 September)

Gabon (since 15 June)

Gambia (since 15 June)

Ghana (since 15 June)

Guatemala (since 15 June)

Guinea (since 15 June)

Guinea-Bissau (since 15 June)

Guyana (since 15 June)

Haiti (since 15 June)

Honduras (since 15 June)

Hungarythe following counties are classified as risk areas:

ocity of Budapest (since 16 September)

ocounty Gyor-Moson-Sopron (since 23 September)

India (since 15 June)

Indonesia (since 15 June)

Iran (since 15 June)

Iraq (since 15 June)

Ireland – the following regions are classified as risk areas:

oregion Dublin (since 23 September)

Israel ( since 3 July)

Jamaica (since 15 June)

Kazakhstan (since 15 June)

Kenya (since 15 June)

Korea (Democratic People’s Republic, North Korea) (since 15 June)

Kosovo (since 15 June)

Kuwait (since 15 June)

Kyrgyzstan (since 15 June)

Lebanon (since 15 June)

Lesotho (since 15 June)

Liberia (since 15 June)

Libya (since 15 June)

Luxemburg (14 July – 20 August and since 25 September)

Madagascar (since 15 June)

Malawi (since 15 June)

Maldives ( since 17 July)

Mali (since 15 June)

Mauritania (since 15 June)

Mexico (since 15 June)

Mongolia (since 15 June)

Montenegro (15 – 19 June and since 17 July)

Morocco (since 15 June)

Mozambique (since 15 June)

Namibia (since 15 June)

Nepal (since 15 June)

Netherlands – the following provinces/constituent countries are currently classified as risk areas:oNorth Holland (Noord-Holland) (since 16 September)

oSouth Holland (Zuid-Holland) (since 16 September)

oUtrecht (since 23 September)

oAruba (since 26 August)

oSint Maarten (since 26 August)

Nicaragua (since 15 June)

Niger (since 15 June)

Nigeria (since 15 June)

North Macedonia (since 15 June)

Oman (since 15 June)

Pakistan (since 15 June)

Palestinian territories ( since 3 July)

Panama (since 15 June)

Papua New Guinea (since 17 June)

Paraguay ( since 15 June)

Peru (since 15 June)

Philippines (since 15 June)

Portugal – the following regions are classified as risk areas:oregion Lissabon (since 23 September)Qatar (since 15 June)

Republic of Moldova ( since 15 June)

Republic of the Congo (since 15 June)

Romania – the following counties are classified as risk areas:

oBacău ( since 12 August)oBihor (since 7 August)

oBrăila (since 12 August)oBrașov (since 12 August)

oBucurești (since 12 August)

oCaras Severin (since 16 September)

oCovasna (since 23 September)

oNeamt (since 16 September)

oIasi (since 9 September)

oIlfov (since 12 August)

oPrahova (since 12 August)

oVâlcea (since 20 August)

oVaslui (since 12 August)

Russian Federation ( since 15 June)

São Tomé and Príncipe (since 16 June)

Saudi Arabia (since 15 June)

Senegal (since 15 June)

Serbia (since 15 June)

Sierra Leone (since 15 June)

Slovenia – the following regions are classified as risk areas:

oPrimorsko-notranjska (since 23 September)

Somalia (since 15 June)

South Africa (since 15 June)

South Sudan (since 15 June)

Spainthe whole of Spain, including Canary Islands (since 2 September)

Sudan (since 15 June)

Suriname (since 15 June)

Switzerland – the following cantons are considered risk areas:

oFribourg (since 16 September)

oGeneva (since 9 September)

oVaud (since 9 September)

Syrian Arab Republic (since 15 June)

Tajikistan (since 15 June)

Tanzania (since 15 June)

Timor Leste (East Timor) ( since 17 June)

Togo (since 15 June)Trinidad and Tobago (since 15 June)

Turkey (since 15 June)Turkmenistan (since 17 June)

United Arab Emirates (since 23 September)

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – the following British Overseas Territory is currently classified as a risk area:

oGibraltar (since 26 August)

Ukraine ( since 15 June)

USA (since 3 July; only specific states were classified as risk areas before)

Uzbekistan (since 15 June)

Venezuela (since 15 June)

Yemen (since 15 June)

Zambia (since 15 June)

Zimbabwe (since 15 June)

Classification as a risk area is the result of a joint analysis and decision-making process by the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Foreign Office and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

This classification as a risk area is based on a two-step assessment. Initially, it is determined in which countries/regions there were more than 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. In a second step, qualitative criteria are used to determine whether or not countries/regions that might nominally fall below this threshold could nonetheless still present an increased risk of infection. As part of the second step, particularly the Federal Foreign Office and, where relevant, the Federal Ministry of Health and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community, provide qualitative reports based on reporting by the local German diplomatic representations, which also covers measures taken to halt the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Key factors in this assessment are above all the numbers of infection and the type of outbreak (local or wide-spread), testing capacities and the number of tests carried out per capita as well as the measures taken to contain the spread of infection (hygiene regulations, contact tracing, etc.). Similarly, this also takes into account individual countries where reliable information may not be readily available.

Areas that have been risk areas at any time during the past 14 days but are currently no risk areas anymore:

Romania – counties Arges (7 August16 September)

Dâmbovița (12 August16 September),

Sri Lanka ( 15 June – 23 September)

Cuba ( 15 June – 23 September)

Barbados ( 15 June – 23 September)

St. Lucia ( 15 June – 23 September)

Dominica ( 17 June – 23 September)

Grenada (17 June – 23 September)

St. Kitts and Nevis ( 16 June – 23 September)

St. Vincent and the Grenadines ( 16 June – 23 September)

Antigua and Barbuda (17 June – 23 September)

Seychelles ( 17 July – 23 September)

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