What does humanity mean to you?

“Humanity is being human. A human being grows up and eventually dies. During that journey “called life”, there is learning. Learning to adapt, learning to love, learning to hate, learning to help. For me, Being human is an endless learning. and we apply what we learn to each other. That’s what makes us human and it is how we apply those that determines our humanity.” – Clemente Tan Jr., Conservator

The Conservator


Clem giving a lecture to the locals on how to reduce, reuse and recycle

Clemente Tan Jr., born in Iloilo. He took up Architecture and graduated in San Agustin.  After years of working in the corporate world, Clem as most of his friends call him, had a sudden change of heart. He believes that there should be balance and that structures that we see does not necessarily mean progress it comes with consequences. He wants to conserve and preserve and he wants to show the world that there’s more to life, if we put our heart into it. We can be the change.

Organic Gardening Enthusiast. Clem loves to cook,  he remembers hanging out in their kitchen as often as he could as a child and learned from there. “Actually, I’ve been interested in cooking and it’s really difficult to get herbs here. Especially the fresh ones. So I decided to grow my own,” he said during our interview. He grows a variety of herbs such as rosemary, basil, thyme, sage, to name a few.

Clems interest in fermentation led him to create his own apple cider vinegar, cottage cheese and  kombucha, fermented tea, which he gave away samples of during the event he recently participated at the Avenue in Smallville, Complex, Iloilo City.


With his LifeXtenders family

He also supports support LifeXtenders, a nonprofit organization with a mission to extend help to the victims of poverty, disasters and hopelessness for them to be able to come back even stronger and more self-sufficient. 3 weeks ago, he particpated in the tree planting that was organized by LifeXtenders and taught locals on how to reuse plastic bottles and egg trays.


With Gruppo Vespa Iloilo

If he’s not trying to make this world a better place, this bachelor is cruising through the beautiful landscapes of Panay Island during the weekends with Gruppo Vespa Iloilo.

Currently,  Clem is a special correspondent in Busan English FM and an ESL instructor.

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