Women Techmakers Frankfurt : Job Revolution and New Ways of Working

To give you an idea about this non profit organization, Women Techmakers is a global program by Google to support Women in Tech. Founded in 2017 by a very passionate team which consists of professionals from the Rhein Main area who are keen to connect people, to learn and to have fun, they are Anna Domascan, Theresa Bihn, Michael Beckmann, Anastasiia Trubnikova, Mona Szyperski, Justina Dešriūtė and Natalie Dodd. It is a community for people who has a wide perspective and who are interested or those who wants to understand more about the tech world. Their goal is to provide personal development to an inclusive community that supports people interested in technology and business – especially women.

DB recently sponsored an event last February 26, 2019 at the Skydeck – powered by DB Systel in Frankfurt, Germany, „Women Techmakers Frankfurt : Job Revolution and New Ways of Working“.

Speakers line up from the event are Dr. Silvia Schäfer, Leiterin Arbeitsgebiet FastTrack und Agile Coach at Deutsche Bahn, who talked about „Be agile, be you“, Pauline von Gehlen a student taking up her Masters at Hochschule Mainz and gave a very entertaining talk about her research on Gen Z „New Work Z – Face a new Generation“, Gareth Fuller, a British remote contract front end developer in the EU and gave his talk via Skype about „Living as a Digital Nomad“, Carolin Ballweg, Management Consultant, Trainer & Speake, also spoke about „Living as a Digital Nomad“ Izabel Horváth from DB who welcomed us with a confetti and Michael Beckmann the only male from WT team, who proudly welcomed and showed us a brief history of the organization and the team.

Speakers generally spoke about their personal experiences. How they are trying to „Revolutionize“ a new mindset for the new Generation in creating a balance between personal life and work life. And introducing a „New Way of Working“ through an unconvetional means but could still achieve the same goal but in a much happier settings.

Can you imagine yourself living in a van and driving around europe and still able to manage and create a successful business? Or working on a beach in Asia and snorkling during your break? Or taking care of the needs of your children while working at home? If yes, then this method of project management or what is commonly known in the tech world as Agile or being a Digital Nomad is perfect for you.

It was a fun and great evening shared with Tech Leaders, movers and shakers and with women who wants to make a difference.

Congratulations to the Women Techmakers Frankfurt!

For more about wtm Rhein Main check https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Women-Techmakers-Frankfurt_Rhein-Main/ , https://twitter.com/WTM_Frankfurt

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